How to Detox Your Body

How to Detox Your Body with These Simple Steps

Learning how to detox your body becomes essential if you are about to get into a weight loss program or if you are sick and are in need of a healthier lifestyle and a healthier diet option. Even some medications require you to detox so that your body can better absorb what it takes in.

How to Detox Your Body

But the truth is, detoxification is not a simple process. A lot of people find it difficult, especially because detox involves letting go of certain food groups and processed food products. If you’re fond of eating greasy burgers, sugar-filled donuts, and readymade pizza then you’ll find detoxification to be hard.

But at its most basic, you can learn how to detox your body with the following simple steps:

Step One: Drink a Lot of Water

Water is going to be your main guide here, especially if you are detoxifying for a weight loss program. Water helps keep your kidneys functional and the kidneys flush out most of the toxins in your body. Keeping yourself hydrated also lets your body remove water-weight as well as absorb nutrients into the blood stream.

Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t drink much water. Drink a glass and a half before every meal or after every snack – you’ll stay hydrated and the fluids will also suppress your appetite, preventing you from overeating.

Step Two: Liquid Diets

Most detox plans include liquid diets and for good reason – liquids are easier to absorb and the antioxidants that most veggie/fruit smoothies carry need to enter your body if they are to be effective. The best detox liquid diets are mostly veggie smoothies.

Unfortunately, this is also where a lot of people stumble: it’s hard to survive on liquids alone. You might want to add in a solid apple or banana or even yogurt every now and then if you’re not sure you can go on just smoothies.

Step Three: Stay Organic

A lot of processed food can contain harmful chemicals. Even some fruits and vegetables contain chemicals from insecticide and artificial fertilizers. So make it a point to stay organic; make sure you buy produce that contains nothing artificial.

Be careful though: look for “organic” instead of “natural” because even natural produce contain artificial chemicals. This is because the FDA has no uniform definition of “natural food”.

Step Four: Stay Away from Sugar

This is as easy to comprehend as your ABC’s – sugar is bad for your body. Too much of it can cause the arteries to clog, raising your blood pressure and damaging the heart. You can suffer from diabetes, stroke, and heart failures. Sugar also damages the kidneys and can halt the functions of your other organs.

Unfortunately, once you’re addicted to sugar it becomes really hard to slow down. That’s where the fifth and last step becomes extra handy:

Step Five: Follow a Recipe Book

Yes, that might sound like a shameless plug for say a detox recipe book, but it is very true – you don’t want to experiment when it comes to detoxifying your body. Following a recipe book made specifically for cleansing is going to be your best means of learning how to detox your body.